My name is Kevin S. Fridy. I live in Tampa, FL with my wife, daughter, and naughty dogs and teach Political Science and International Studies at the University of Tampa.

en I first decided to purchase a website, www.fridy.com was unavailable. An Ezine about Russian Internet-based business had beaten me to the URL. Without the obvious choice of my lastname-dot-com, I was forced to be a bit more creative. Borrowing a line from a song called "Gentleman" by the late Nigerian jazz star Fela Ransome Kuti, I bought www.africahot.net and squatted there for a few years. It was through this modest site that I learned the basics of making a web-page. On a whim, in late 2002 I visited the aforementioned Russian Ezine and, lucky me, found the address vacant.

Such is the provenance of this site. Now www.fridy.com is my virtual abode. Look around and you will find my C.V. along with some papers I have published, datasets I have collected through my research, syllabi of courses I have taught or am currently teaching, and a miscellaneous section where I dump everything that doesn't fit nicely into one of the aforementioned categories. Whether you be family, friend, colleague, student, or Internet wanderer, peruse the material at your leisure. If you have any questions or comments about the site, please feel free to contact me atllkevin@fridy.com.